It’s the end of summer and municipal primary races are nearly over. To celebrate, our campaign held our kickoff event at my home in Holladay Utah this past week.

During the event, friends, neighbors and acquaintances came to my house, meet my family, and then shared their thoughts, concerns and ideas about our local neighborhood and the larger Salt Lake Valley. Holladay Utah, and our surrounding sister communities, are filled with amazing people and I’ve learned while knocking doors, every single person in my district has something to teach. I have also learned how incredibly sophisticated, thoughtful, and caring the citizens of Holladay are; many are hungry for a new dawn and a fresh face who can confront the challenges of the modern world while reflecting the greatness and forward leaning nature of our people. Many also crave substance and expect more than staged photo ops and messages filled with meaningless fluff. The voters of my district desire to know exactly what I will do for them to improve their lives and create a richer tomorrow for their families. Concrete solutions, achievable goals, and a better tomorrow for all of Holladay’s citizens is what I offer the citizens of my district.

Up next, my campaign website goes live this weekend, and our knock every door campaign is about to kick into overdrive!