I am honored and humbled to announce, Shawn Newell, a City Council member from our sister city, Cottonwood Heights, has chosen to endorse my candidacy for the Holladay City Council, District 4 seat! Shawn is a beloved member of our shared Utah community, and is an example of the very best the State of Utah has to offer not only our own citizens but also the wider world.

If I am fortunate enough to earn the votes of the citizens of my district, I will work tirelessly with Shawn, and other like him, to ensure the residents of both Holladay City and Cottonwood Heights collaborate, wherever possible, to improve the lives of all of the citizens of our two great cities. Given Shawn’s vast expertise and experience, I will also do all I can to learn from him and absorb all the wisdom and knowledge he is willing to generously share. Us Utahans are all about collaboration and working together to build a shared community every last one of us are a part of and I hope to continue this important tradition.

With great humility and appreciation I now share Sean’s own words:

“Matthew, possesses the attributes that municipal governance requires. He’s passionate, understanding, and willing. Voting for Matthew Tracy to help guide Holladay City will be a benefit to it’s residents.”

–Shawn Newell