This afternoon, current Holladay City Mayor Robert Dahle and I meet in the Holladay City Council chambers for over an hour and a half. Through the course of our conversation, we discussed our current police department, city bonding issues, clean air, affordable housing, municipal planning, recent school closures, cross walk guards, city budgets, long term financial projections, city staffing, our aging infrastructure and so much more. Mayor Dahle, in my opinion, is an incredibly thoughtful and well versed public servant: our city is fortunate to have a man of Mayor Dahle’s intellect and caliber sitting at the helm.

Should I be fortunate enough to earn the votes of the citizens of Holladay City District 4, I have zero doubt I will not only be able to collaborate with mayor Dahle, but also draw from and learn from his vast reservoir of knowledge and experience, which he generously shares with those around him.

Thank you Mayor Dahle, for your time, attention, critical feedback, and service to our shared Holladay community.