About Me

I Am Your Neighbor

We are all connected

I am a native born Utahn who was raised by working class parents in Highland, Utah at the mouth of American Fork Canyon. My father was a stone mason and my mother a newspaper reporter, who instilled in their five children the importance of hard work, education, and a desire to lift those around us.  I later graduated from American Fork High School in 1987 and then left Utah to attend Brown University. Since graduating from college, I have worked for over 35 years as an architectural design professional, first in the Aspen, Colorado region and then later in Park City and Millcreek, Utah. 

Like many Utahans, I was born and raised in a culture holding every human being on the face of planet earth is a member of a shared, collective human family.  The culture I was raised in also holds that we are all part of an interconnected whole and the health of the collective nourishing the lives of every member of our community.  In Utah, the importance of the greater interconnected whole is symbolized by the beehive, which sits proudly atop our state’s flag.  In my own campaign, I symbolize the interconnected nature of all Utahans through the concept of concept of “I, You, and Us,” which holds every human being has their own unique soul, with its own distinct needs. While your “You” is different than my “I”, when we all acknowledge the unique nature of each other’s personhood, the lines between my “I” and your “you” blur and a collective “Us” is built, uplifting every member of our shared Utah community. 

A second pillar of my campaign is the principle of service. If I am fortunate enough to earn your vote, it is my responsibility to wake up every morning knowing I am a servant of you, the people, responsible for lifting each human being living in my district. While keeping local schools open, keeping our elders engaged with the community, accessible housing, community policing, and clean air are issues near and dear to my heart, knocking on neighborhood doors has taught me, each citizen of our County district has their own unique problems and issues, separate and apart from my own and it is my responsibility, wherever possible, to fix, nurture, and sometimes even heal obstacles in their lives.

These core ethical principles, which were taught to me as a child, sit at the core of my very being and will influence how I govern.