Accessible Housing

We all need a place to live

Housing for our children

Utah has its own distinct culture and history, which cannot be found anywhere else on planet earth. Because of our unique culture, outsiders often look down on and belittle our State while not realizing Utah also possesses one of the fastest growing and most dynamic economies in the entire nation. Regardless of what others may imagine, Salt Lake County is one of the most important regions in the entire Western United Sates and Salt Lake County District four is one of Utah’s most important cultural hubs. Our booming downtowns, for example, houses a dynamic music and art scene dotted with the finest restaurants in our State—all of which are surrounded by walkable streets, accessible parks, and stunning views of Mount Olympus.

While the citizens of our district are blessed to live in a dynamic and vibrant cultural center, our deserved successes have also caused local land prices to skyrocket. As result, many of our own children—many of whom were born and raised in our district—can no longer afford to live in the homes they grew up in.  A county in which only the super wealthy can afford to live tears at our shared social fabric and undermines pulls all of us down. If elected, I will tackle this problem head on, first by working with my fellow council members to build a stock of affordable housing units. Second, I will create private -public partnerships incentivizing weatherization and upgraded insulation packages of existing housing stock, which will create jobs for our citizens while also placing, on average, over $700 a year back into the pockets of average homeowners. Accessible housing is, unfortunately, also a regional problem that cannot be solved solely by the Salt Lake County council alone.  The interconnected nature of our own state requires our county to work hand in hand with our neighboring neighbors. If elected I will work collectively with the leaders of our surrounding communities to lower housing costs throughout our region by forging shared accessible housing pools.