Connecting Seniors

We all deserve to age with dignity

Connecting our youth and seniors

The residents of our district are privileged to live in a world class section of Salt Lake County, built by the sweat and toil of our seniors.  The elders of our community have contributed to society throughout their lives and deserve to be treated with dignity and respect. Respecting our elders is a moral obligation and a way of life benefiting all our city residents—including our own children. A study conducted by the University of Texas, for instance, found assisted living facilities implementing programs involving older adults in decision-making and community building have significantly better health outcomes. When older adults have a sense of purpose and responsibility, for example, they are more engaged and have better mental and physical outcomes.

If I am fortunate enough to earn the votes of the citizens of my district, I will celebrate the seniors of our district and connect them with local school children and to the community they helped build. While meeting with the Principal of Churchill Junior High, for example, I learned of a program bringing Junior High students to visit local seniors. Later, I proposed similar joint ventures with not only Churchill Junior High, but also all adjacent schools.  If I am fortunate enough to earn the votes of the citizens of my district, I will construct bridges with educational leaders and create programs connecting our seniors with local students all of whom need each other. Our community requires the full participation of both our youth and seniors to reach our full potential.